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Right from young age, I get visions about people, places and future events. Sometimes they are frightening, sometimes they are sad, sometimes they are warnings and sometimes they are about good news. The remarkable thing about such visions is, the things happen the way they are informed to me.

My friend Sri Admiral Baxi has been encouraging me to make my Mundane Visions made Public after last to last years and last year’s predictions came true. I get these predictions in Poetic and semi poetic form. I feel that some elevated soul or some super power speaks through me. I am generally given a time when major predictions about future events are made by this supreme power. I was told during my last vision that the power will speak in winter of the year of four (2002). So on 30th Dec and 31st December, the following predictions were made. I read them out on 1st January 2003 and 13th. March 2003 to Sri Baxi. 

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He asked me to immediately put them on the website for the world to take advantage of. So I am posting the predictions with explanations. 


6th chapter of Prophecy
24TH August 3.45 pm

The lord of the war cometh 
He would stir up the hornet's nest.
The face of the war will change
The dragons shall resort to 
Ways of war not known so far. 
The minds will get a colour
Of intelligence and red.
Fools will gloat in blood and gore
and intelligent will enrich by brain.
The order of peace will crumble
Strong will hold the reins
Men of peace will fade 
For two years there's no rest. 
The great ice will melt
seasons will change
the year of 25 will see
summer in winter and the other way round.
O children of Israel,
You will cry and suffer 
Now that the warlord
Has spoiled the dragon minds.
For every moment of peace, 
you'll spend ten in fear
The star of David 
Draws the wrath.
I am afraid if fools among you
Do deeds of revenge
Ten of you will die for one of the dragon lost.
The cross itself is under the shadow,
The bearer of its faith 
Is fading soon 
A weakling will take his place
New world is going to be swept
Of the old order now.
Chaos will precede the new
The wise men shall decide
For a stronger human to lead
From the depth at which its now.
I had spoken of Joan of Ark,
Yes she's making her entry now.
You'll see the power 
By the year of five.

The depths are churning
The boils will burst
Lava will flow with a force
Hitherto unseen or heard
The earth is heaving now
wait for this to happen
A warning will come soon.
Earth and women will get power,
Both will grow with seeds of future
Strong race of people will 
forge ahead in a score years.

That race will know the dangers of future
and like Noah will get to prepare
Material for the next order
Will come from the new stock.
A great leader is already born
To a woman older in years.
The qualities of his will,
Show as Saturn reaches alpha.
In the sign of Sagittarius.

The fall, winter and early spring,
Of the year of five and six,
I see great dangers 
Where people meet and discuss
Of politics , religion and trade.
Schools of religion and knowledge
And places where you eat and make thee merry
Are the once will lie in ruins.
My orb is grey with haze,
I can't seem to peer
In the depth of this year
The haze of death,smoke and dust
Clouds my vision.
I am tired and will rest,
Winter should shake me
Thence shall I tell you
Of great intrigue of next year.

Date : 11. 4 .2003 19.00 Hrs.

5th Chapter of Prophecy

The war is not over as they think,

It will last for some eight more days.

For , they will play coward's war games

And women and children will suffer.

The dangerous drums have been

Hidden from prying eyes,

They are under water and Earth,

Away from all known places.

The men who carried them,

Are rotting in their graves.

This is the fate of people,

Who were treated as slaves.

The sly fox and two more men,

Met three more and made a plan

Too dangerous to describe,

Only time will show their crimes.

Victory for people will be short lived

For the people who pride in their might.

For the defeat of the fox

Is not taken in good light.

New diseases will be spread

By flying insects and birds.

The waters will turn poisonous

And by winter will kill

People, cows and sheeps alas !!

The bearded general and a son

Both of soldier's back ground,

Will start their downfall by fall

And sleep in graves unknown.

Both North and South will suffer

Extremes of God and Men,

However people try for good,

They will not see peace again

Till Saturn enters Leo.


Latest Prediction :Made in Spring (Episode IV)
1st April 2003  uploaded on 9th. April at 6.20 PM (IST). (Explanations will be uploaded along with further predictions) 

The war has broken out in the desert,
As I had said before.
I am in the dungeon in the heart
Of the city of Baghdad.

I am over seventy hands deep,
In the maze of the city underground.
The soldiers, Generals and men
all who are important are here.

I have seen a score of these ,
Tunnels, hovels and locked doors.
I counted over fourscore of weapons
That are guarded day and night.

The army of desert fox is old,
I saw all old generals there.
The maze contains all you need.
But Trio in all foolishness will not heed.

If the war is not ending soon,
The injured fox will become
A hero, that the world would remember
For a hundred years.

The crown and its cohorts are foolish.
They do not read the writing on the wall.
The Greens will unite again,
And will return their misdeeds in all.

I had warned of coming diseases
Some old and some new,
But there is more to come,
As the Dragon will unleash some more.

The Lord, the Crown holder will have,
Thorns in his Throne,
He will wear a crown of nails,
If he is able to retain his head.

The crooked man of old kingdom,
Has his fate on the mat,
It is just a matter of time,
Brutus will do him in.

There are sheeps in the wolvine skins,
And the Bears in the skins of Bulls.
Only the sane eyes can catch them,
They will change the History's course.

The poison hand is spreading,
And it will reach all around.
Goodness is going masked by death.
Suffering of masses will remain.

This is the course of fate.
She is out to clean the world.
The new world people will be known by numbers.

(Episode III)

I break my time & speak to you 
Earlier by a day or two. 
I see the danger of Yellow hue, 
An orange glow that puts fear in you. 

Women & people , all old and infirm, 
I see them collecting at, 
Doctor's farm, as they do not 
Know what they are suffering from. 
Sufferers will teem and wait to be cured, 
Of symptoms old and many a new. 
A bell will ring and convey, 
A news that will shake you and all, 
All yellow findings will show. 
Women will have to hear Silence. 
Power channels will shift. 
Outer centers will be destroyed. 
The Dragon(Rahu) people will do that, (Muslims or Yavanas?) 
There will be three of them. 
And then there will be order. 
(One , however, will take time to be de-linked). 
People will go backwards, 
All learned and fools. 
No one will heed warning bells, 
And uneasy calm also is not there. 
The front runners will be left behind, 
The dark horses will come upfront, 
The fear of unknown will stalk, 
Every step and measure they take. 
The older Guide will stop, 
To utter dismay of all. 
But the skeletons in the cupboard , 
Will bring dark secrets unknown. 
The women of all nations will plan, 
To bring about a new order, 
This they will do in another 
Two years or four. 
The earth shall continue to shake, 
The skies will throw the Machines down . 
The seas will not be safe 
As they swallow ships a many. 
The Lands of the Desert sleep uneasy, 
The generals have lost their minds. 
Their kings and Nobles will not be 
Able to retain their holds. 
The scum will be scrubbed out, 
In any which way they can. 
The commoners will have their 
Last say in this matter. 
An ever smiling person 
Who spread the laughter and joy, 
Would leave all behind, 
In tears and go. 

The predictions stopped suddenly at this juncture……. So I anticipate that there will be some more coming soon. 


When the world predictions were put on my website in January, little had I realized that the events will unfold with such a finality and painful truth. Since these predictions are made thro' me (I think that I am the medium) I am always pained and frustrated at not being able to prevent some of the happenings as generally the events are major and the predictions are shrouded in almost code or enigmatic sentences. I try my best to decipher the hidden meaning but am not always successful.
Today, I am reprinting in this section, some of the prophecies that have come true in a matter of just less than two and half months.
I have quoted predictions that have come true. There are many more which only the coming time will prove. 


  1. As I told you before,
    Many a balances will be shaken,
    The Earth will also lose its,
    Peace and foundations will be loosened.(Major earthquakes)
    Explanation: There were two earthquakes in Mexico and Indonesia in January.These earthquakes were followed by A medium quake in Europe followed by major quake in China in 3rd week of February 2003 the very next day.

  2. The Reds (communists) will become unpredictable,
    And the torch they carry will glow, (torch of communism or atomic weapons?)
    It is doing so because , its brightest glow,
    Will come before it extinguishes.
    North Korea became defiant and wants to pursue its own Nuclear agenda. N.Korea has fired a missile in sea of Japan and has restarted its Nuclear reactors in 3rd week of February 2003.

  3. All the flows (traffic, water, and communications) will be affected.
    Traffic in Northern India was disrupted for more than three weeks due to fog in January, Cyber traffic thro' the world was also affected due to a worm.

  4. The old kingdom (Britain) will come,
    To suffering ( Its days are near ).
    England has now been earmarked for future attacks by fundamentalist forces which has been declared by findings of poison chemicals recently.
    Tony Blair has decided to attack Iraq along with USA , this would put the old kingdom at a grave risk. Aftermath of Iraq war will tell upon the condition of Britain.

  5. Black evil danger is Looming .
    It is coming riding a thing
    Which is old and large.
    5B) As told before, in winter , I speak,
    The troubles of Balance (LIBRA),
    Will reach its peak.
    Space shuttle COLUMBIA was more than 20 years old and had flown 28 times.!!
    Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac, there were 7 astronauts, they left on 16th, 1+6= 7, they were in orbit for 16 days , which is 1+6=7, they were 16 minutes from destination when the "columbia" crashed.

  6. Machines in orbit (flight path) will lose their path,
    And things from sky will fall,
    Air Algeria lost a plane in crash last week killing 102 people.
    So many planes have crashed killing people all over the world, and columbia disintegrated and fell , killing all the astronauts which included Kalpana Chawla , an Indian scientist. There was a plane crash in Afghanistan which killed Pakistani Air chief of staff, there was a plane carrying more than 320 people which crashed in middle east recently. There were other minor air crashes of fighter jets and helicopters also. There will be scores of such AIR CRASHES by Dec 2003.

  7. In four weeks and four months,
    A war may be fought,
    World will be divided and
    Peace will be hard bought.
    On 17th March , Pres.Bush, P.M Tony Blair and Pres.of Spain have given an ultimatum to Saddam Hussain to disarm on Monday the 17th March.Or else they would declare unilateral war.
    Recent events have put USA and UK on one side and the whole world on the other on Iraq war front.
    USA and UK want to fight the war even if other NATO members and allies do not join them. Tonight is the penaltimate night of peace in Iraq .Next peaceful night will be months away.!!

  8. As venus is set to suffer,
    The moving picture will lose,
    A huge support or a person
    Will go leaving sorrow.
    In short, artists poets,
    And singers of Ballads,
    Pictures & actors
    will come to grief and sorrow.
    Lead singer, performer of BEEGEES group died early in January.
    It is painful to take a note of Sad demise of Sri Harivansh Rai Bachhan, a Great poet in Hindi .
    Equally great tragedy was sad demise of Pandari bai , who had acted in More than 400 films in more than five languages.
    A great name in Tamil cinema will no more figure.MAJOR SUNDER RAJAN left us leaving a huge gap.
    The man who gave the world "TWIST " form of dance in 1965 died recently.(I am sorry I don't know his name).

  9. The Queen Shall rule the crown a new .(Woman president of USA?)
    The new world (USA) will put faith in her .
    And seeds of new thinking are
    Sown this year.
    In the third week of February, a lady Afro-American senator has staked claim to run for presidency.

Finland is likely to have a woman prime minister for the first time in that nation's history.!!

  1. Small eyed nation
    And its neighbour are in for a war,
    For a piece of land will they bear arms,
    As one will have a new general
    Recently S.Korea elected her new president who has indicated confrontation with North Korea.He fears a war with North korea is a reality in not so a distant future.
    China elected their new leaders .Time will tell what they are going to do.

  2. Saturn and Dragon with Moon,
    Would give a new remedy
    For disease of Venus
    A new drug for AIDS and HIV+ve has been tested and would be put in the market once FDA is satisfied. 

  3. New comet will be sighted,
    New world will be found.
    New means to convey
    Our thoughts will be found.
    (But you will wait a while for this.)
    Last week on 12th or 13th March , there was a news that 12 new Moons of Jupiter were discovered.
    Last month, there was an announcement that ordinary electric power lines would be used in Future to transmit Data and graphics .
    This invention/application of power lines would be a major discovery.
    It would shrink the world further and bring remotest corner of world in your computer.!!
    But we may have to wait a little more for that to happen. (Just as told in the predictions)

I speak again on Monday the 13th, 
It’s the first month. And speak of the events to come. 
Pluto in scorpio would destroy Houses, 
And safety, 
And oil wells a many. For its aspected by saturn and Dragon head. 


Saddam Hussain has wired the Iraqi oil wells to blow them in event of a war with USA.

Episode I
"As told before, in winter , I speak, 
The troubles of Balance (LIBRA), 
Will reach its peak. 
Judgment and the judges will be impaired. 
The crown (Pentagon) will have to decide, 
To be belittled or walk tall. 
Because the Rat (fundamentalism) will try 
And make it fall. 
People will not be spending any 
Their hard earned money. 
The Uranus will will shake 
Big banks a many. (Is this for USA ?) 
As I told you before, 
Many a balances will be shaken, 
The Earth will also lose its, 
Peace and foundations will be loosened. (Major earthquakes?) 
The Reds (communists) will become unpredictable, 
And the torch they carry will glow, (torch of communism or atomic weapons?) 
It is doing so because , its brightest glow, 
Will come before it extinguishes. 
All the flows (traffic, water, and communications) will be affected. 
And women's stars will rise. 
For four score years (80 years) they will, 
Rule the world, The Queen 
Shall rule the crown a new .(Woman president of USA?) 
The new world (USA) will put faith in her . 
And seeds of new thinking are 
Sown this year. 
Love for all will take a back seat. 
The self-center will grow. 
Men will rule foolishly . 
And men will cause deaths. 
Joan Of Ark is coming . 
To show the might of women . 
The Sun (Japan) will suffer , the Tiger (N. and S.Korea) will grow. 
The Cow (India?) will be hit again. 
The spirit of Fox will ignite (Bin Laden?). 
Fires in Minds a many. 
The mountains will burn (Volcanic eruptions ?), 
And the ships will sink. 
New worms will kill 
Things a many . (Biological warfare?) 
The Green will wage a war, 
And Eagle (USA?) will suffer. 
The old kingdom (Britain) will come, 
To suffering ( Its days are near ). 
Black evil danger is Looming . 
It is coming riding a thing 
Which is old and large. 
Insects a many will cover the skies (locusts, Mosquitoes ?) 
Food will be scares But not insects and flies. 
The Rats are not resting, 
They will spread the plague, 
Deserts will spell danger. 
As Harmony will suffer, 
The music world will lose, 
A pillar will fall, So will 
A painter of renown. 
Machines in orbit (flight path) will lose their path, 
And things from sky will fall.
(Original Text reads as "A thing from the sky will fall")
Many a people will burn, 
When it is nearing June.
A religion will lose
A Man of God,
A child of future will be born. (clone?)
But among problems,
Lies promise of peace.
A woman will carry its torch.

I speak again on Monday the 13th, 
It’s the first month. And speak of the events to come. 
Pluto in scorpio would destroy Houses, 
And safety, 
And oil wells a many. For its aspected by saturn and Dragon head. 
A prince is in danger of losing his life, 
A king will marry an unlucky wife. 
For makers of moving pictures of all places, 
Accidents would rob some of the, 
Most promising people of stage and screen, 
Saturn would play its part. 
Saturn and Dragon with Moon, 
Would give a new remedy 
For disease of Venus.. 
Sun and Saturn are opposing, 
In the world, the sorrow will follow soon, 
A royal woman is falling.. 
Judgment will be impaired, 
When a man is put to death, 
A spark will light a fire, 
Hard to extinguish. 
In four weeks and four months, 
A war may be fought, 
World will be divided and 
Peace will be hard bought. 
As venus is set to suffer, 
The moving picture will lose, 
A huge support or a person 
Will go leaving sorrow. 
In short, artists poets, 
And singers of Ballads, 
Pictures & actors 
will come to grief and sorrow. 
One side will be marriage songs , 
Other side will be death bugles.  

Budhha's land will come to grief,
His disciples will come to grief.
There will be fire in temples 
And places of worship.
As for the jews, they will 
Sleep very uneasy. 
As yet the peace is far, 
They are in for a war. 
A person of big Prize, 
A woman meant to rule, 
A prince, as I said before, 
Will go as told before. 
New comet will be sighted, 
New world will be found. 
New means to convey 
Our thoughts will be found. 
(But you will wait a while for this.) 
Ebony will be honoured, 
But its land will be in turmoil 
Darkness will cover it, 
As summer starts approaching, 
Dust, storms and insects, 
Diseases unknown, more rain 
And draught will visit, 
The land of darkness. 
Old islands will sink 
And new one will come. 
The summer to fall 
Is a dangerous zone. 
Small eyed nation 
And its neighbour are in for a war, 
For a piece of land will they bear arms, 
As one will have a new general. 
Intellect will suffer this year 
And the brutes shall have the say. 
But wait and watch, the meek 
Are here to stay. 
The cow shall lose its blood, 
And her keeper’s strength will fail. A hawk will bury its talons, 
As north is lashed with gail……. 
So have I spoken for now, 
And will rest till spring does come. 
For I will tell you more 
From land afar then.